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Exhibitions Announced to Accompany Drawing Out: 2012 at CSM and Wimbledon




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Four Annual Meetings or Events

The Centre’s activites will be based around 4 meetings or events over the next year, below is a list of what we have planned so far, please sign up to the blog for more details.

Meeting one :   November 2011 (date TBC),  2-4pm   Symposium to coincide with  an exhibition of contemporary drawing  organized by Paul Coldwell and Stephen  Farthing – Interpretation / Translation  4th November – 9th December Wimbledon College of Art Gallery.

Meeting  two: TBA

Meeting three:   Conference 28- 30th March 2012 , DRAWING OUT: 2012   will be the second in a series of creative collaborations  between  RMIT University , Melbourne and The University of the Arts, London .  Both center on the exploration of  trans-disciplinary approaches to drawing.

On  28th March the meeting will  convene at The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London   where the theme for the day  will be What is a Good Drawing? The morning and afternoon sessions will be chaired by Colin Wiggins and include speakers from RMIT , UAL and Carnigie Mellon University. On the following two days meetings will take place on UAL sites  where the  conference  will explore  ways in which drawing functions as a component of  literacy,  with particular reference to  ; Drawing  and  Notation Drawing  as Writing Drawing: recording and discovery .

Meeting 4 TBA:

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