DRAWING OUT 2012: The Drawn Out Network

The premise that drives The Drawn Out Network was  seeded  during the  first UAL / RMIT  drawing  conference  held in Melbourne during March 2010. This conference was initiated as a means of exploring cross disciplinary approaches  to drawing.  It resulted in the organizers wanting to better understand drawings’ relationship with writing and notation; knowledge that  we expect  will  help  us  in establishing  drawings’ position  as an active component of general literacy.

With drawing established in the minds of the organizers as the tangible bridge between textural and non textural communication our collaboration has resolved to  develop a network of interested parties.

To this end The Drawn Out Network is now constituted around two hubs , one in London at UAL the other in Melbourne at RMIT.  Each hub is organised by a cross disciplinary committee , that brings  a different  “ reach” to The Network. Beyond the core focus that both  institutions  have on art and design,  RMIT brings  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Practices, Architecture , Engineering Designs; Creative Writing; Mathematics and Pharmacology to the table  . In the UK the debate is broadened and strengthened   by UAL’s ability to reach out to scholars in the fields of Linguistics, Musicology, Dance and Geography. Together  UAL and RMIT  have put in place an international cross-generational network of  researchers  who have  a practical and theoretical engagement with drawing and writing and a shared ambition to develop new approaches to  integrating the teaching of drawing within the curriculum as a means of enhancing general literacy , problem solving and discovery .

The organizing committees for each institution are as follows . At UAL  Chair  Artist George Blacklock, Dean  of Chelsea School of Art, Stephen Farthing, Artist , Rootstein Hopkins Research Professor in Drawing , Artist and Ceramicist , Charlotte Hodes, Professor in Fine Art at the London College of Fashion. At RMIT , Town Planner Colin Fudge,  Pro Vice Chancellor and Vice President RMIT, Professor of art and Philosophy Dr Elizabeth Greirson head of the School of Art and design , RMIT

The Network will be supported by two conferences, the first  in the UK at UAL in March 2012 and the second at RMIT in Melbourne in  March 2013.   From October 2011 Stephen Farthing is working with an administrator to develop this blog, designed to function simultaneously  as a general advertising space  for the conferences , as means of publishing the content of meetings,  as a forum and an archive . In the long term it will act as a learning resource for the project .

Please check back in about submissions and admissions for the conference

3 thoughts on “DRAWING OUT 2012: The Drawn Out Network

  1. I wish I could have been aware of this conference sooner as I have made an arrangement that involving alot of individuals.I was so excited by this conference as it pinpoints much of the research that I am involved with.Please contact me if similar occurs.

  2. John Dempsey Mott Community College, Flint, Michigan USA says:

    The Drawn Out Network, This is great! I am presenting at the FATE Conference (Foundations in Art: Theory and Education which is affiliated with the College Art Association) next week on the topic of observational drawing and foundations programs.
    There is a lot of interest in this topic stateside.
    I hope to be able to follow the papers and results from your efforts.

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