About the Centre For Drawing

The Centre For Drawing :  A network

A network designed to encourage; creative thinking and cross-disciplinary discovery that  is focused on the scholarly and  imaginative exploration of the boundaries of drawing.


The Centre for Drawing is based at CCW, led by Professor Stephen Farthing, the Rootstein Hopkins Research Professor of Drawing, University of the Arts, London  and a curatorial group of research active artists with a special interest in drawing  from across the graduate school and University.


The centre was originally founded in 2000 at Wimbledon College of Art  , it then became a  UAL research centre in 2008.  By 2011 the centre had   developed:   a secondary school curriculum and award in drawing , launched of a cross-disciplinary MA in drawing and built a focused network of members who regularly met to develop projects . By Spring 2011 the core membership realized it had achieved many of its founding goals  and decided that the  development of a  specialist international  knowledge sharing forum should become its priority.


With this single objective  in mind in September 2011  we launched this Blog to service  communication between network  members and as a means of promoting and supporting the four clearly focused  events we plan to organize each year.

Please sign up to the mailing list at the bottom of the page for updates

4 thoughts on “About the Centre For Drawing

  1. charlotte hodes says:

    please keep me informed by email

  2. vishwashroff says:

    please keep me informed by email as to the sign up dates

  3. adrienlucca says:

    Pity I didn’t know in time to apply for drawn out : 2012

    I’ll subscribe to the mailing list


  4. Please add me to your mailing list. Thanks, Victoria Kaye

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