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The Centre For Drawing: Mission Statement

Through four clearly focused annual meetings supported by this Blog The Centre for Drawing will encourage; creative thinking, cross-disciplinary discovery and a  debate that concentrates on the scholarly and  imaginative exploration of the boundaries of drawing.
The Centre For Drawing expects this Blog to provide a space where members can share ideas, while the meetings will focus network members through conferences, lectures, exhibitions and collaborative projects on more tangible outcomes.

The Centre is led by Professor Stephen Farthing, the Rootstein Hopkins Research Professor of Drawing, University of the Arts ,London.

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Four Annual Meetings or Events

The Centre’s activites will be based around 4 meetings or events over the next year, below is a list of what we have planned so far, please sign up to the blog for more details.

Meeting one :   November 2011 (date TBC),  2-4pm   Symposium to coincide with  an exhibition of contemporary drawing  organized by Paul Coldwell and Stephen  Farthing – Interpretation / Translation  4th November – 9th December Wimbledon College of Art Gallery.

Meeting  two: TBA

Meeting three:   Conference 28- 30th March 2012 , DRAWING OUT: 2012   will be the second in a series of creative collaborations  between  RMIT University , Melbourne and The University of the Arts, London .  Both center on the exploration of  trans-disciplinary approaches to drawing.

On  28th March the meeting will  convene at The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London   where the theme for the day  will be What is a Good Drawing? The morning and afternoon sessions will be chaired by Colin Wiggins and include speakers from RMIT , UAL and Carnigie Mellon University. On the following two days meetings will take place on UAL sites  where the  conference  will explore  ways in which drawing functions as a component of  literacy,  with particular reference to  ; Drawing  and  Notation Drawing  as Writing Drawing: recording and discovery .

Meeting 4 TBA:

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The Centre For Drawing UAL


The centre was originally founded in 2000 at Wimbledon College of Art  , it then became a  UAL research centre in 2008.  By 2011 the centre had   developed:   a secondary school curriculum and award in drawing , launched of a cross-disciplinary MA in drawing and built a focused network of members who regularly met to develop projects . By Spring 2011 the core membership realized it had achieved many of its founding goals  and decided that the  development of a  specialist international  knowledge sharing forum should become its priority.


With this single objective  in mind in September 2011  we launched this Blog to service  communication between network  members and as a means of promoting and supporting the four clearly focused  events we plan to organize each year .

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